Axes Metaverse and IndiGG Announce Partnership to Revolutionise the P2E Segment

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2 min readMay 31, 2022

We are thrilled to announce one more partnership with IndiGG, a gaming guild focused on becoming the hub of web3 games in India.

IndiGG is the biggest gaming guild in India. It is also an official subDAO of Yield Guild Games (YGG), as the YGG SEA — another strong Axes Metaverse’s partner, and is incubated by the Polygon team.

India currently has a market of 400 million+ gamers. IndiGG believes that crypto games, as well as the ability to earn through playing will be interesting for Indians. The guild’s principal plan is to onboard 1 million Indians onto web3.

As of now, it has 1,000+ gamers and 60,000+ members on Discord.

“We are proud to work with the experienced Indi.GG team as we needed the key for the unique Indian market. We are now creating an ecosystem in which every Indian will be able to get access to easy and comprehensive instruments for generating in-game income”, — Andrew Abramov, the CPO of Axes Metaverse, says.

In turn, by partnering with Axes Metaverse IndiGG aims to bring the best crypto games to gamers in India. Moreover, it has additional resources for that. For example, recently IndiGG has partnered with Rooter, one of India’s biggest game streaming platforms, and has started a $1m creator program with them:

“Axes Metaverse is one of the games we’re most excited to partner with. The team has extensive experience building mobile games loved by all. The web2 version of the game is very fun to play and our community testers had only good things to say about the web3 beta version. We can’t wait to deploy the game to our scholars!”, — Shlok Khemani, the Head of Partnerships at IndiGG, explains.

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