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This is the second part of the items guide in the Axes Metaverse. This time we will talk about armor.

As in the first part, the guide will be divided into classes.


  1. First Hunter Armor — attacking armor, so to speak, goes well with Bow of Leemas weapon, because of the total value of attack speed and skills cooldown from critical hits. In addition, the item synergizes well with the Elves race, as they have increased movement speed due to the passive skill. High attack and movement speed rate + a chance to become invisible after being hit = guarantees high survivability, mobility and damage.

An excellent addition to these items will be boosting your damage and critical hits perks.

2. Royal Huntsman Tunic — like the previous armor, it’s a perfect option for the Elf race, due to the epic modification. Increased attack distance goes well with the Legendary perk “Sniper” and the perk “Long shot”. The best option here would be damage perks and critical modifiers. If you add a Boltcutter bow to all these parameters, the first red arrow for the enemy may be the last.

3. Camouflage of the Tarnished is the most protective option for the Ranger: bonus to health, recovery from a critical hit and when out of combat — are perfect survivability support, especially if you skillfully use the legendary modifier. In order to “get out” of the combat, you must receive no damage from the enemy and do not inflict it yourself, immediately after that, the recovery process will begin. The companion to this armor will be the bow Boltcutter. It will not only increase your survival rate, but also significantly increase damage. The best choice of perks will be critical damage modifiers.


  1. Rebel Armor — a combination of high movement speed and a chance of evasion, especially if your hero is an Elf, makes you quick and elusive for the enemy. If you prefer an aggressive and fast playstyle, then this item is for you. It will perfectly match the Trefoil weapon, due to an additional chance to dodge and additional attack damage and speed buff. The best choice of perks will be “Poison” and “Poison Master”, for additional damage. Also, it’s worth trying this item with Ghost Tiger Fang weapon, which will give you a lot of damage from the very start and will fully reveal the legendary armor modification while the opponents are not strong enough yet.

2. Veil of Shadow — movement speed and critical damage chance are the two best stats for a Rogue. Especially if your hero is Legendary, which allows you to be invisible most of the time of the combat. Since any attack from your side will take you out of invisibility, Silent Death weapon with perks that enhance poisons will be the best choice. Hit the enemy with poison, then go invisible, due to the ”Shadow Dash” ability to confuse the enemy for a while.

3. Skin of the Cursed is the most defensive armor option for Rogue. Suitable for players who have difficulties with survivability due to the low level of hero. To compensate for the lack of damage, we take Ghost Tiger Fang as a pair to this armor. Perfect for an early aggressive playstyle, due to the reduction of damage received. If you manage to kill several opponents at the start, it will make the match easier for you. For each kill, you get an increase to maximum health.


  1. Life Orb Garb is the best defensive choice for a mage, perfect for an early and aggressive playstyle. Upon receiving a hit, your hero has a chance to be covered with “Magic Armor”. If you already have the armor, then you will get a second “layer”, the effects stack together. Extra health and evasion chance will be a bonus to survivability. Since you are already sufficiently protected, you should focus on damage-increasing perks. The best weapon for this armor will be Soul Killer.

2. Battlemage Tunic — the best defense is a good offense. 30% сhance to hit twice, along with a 15% increased damage and Soul Killer weapon will make you a killing machine. Bonus in the form of decrease of incoming damage and “Magic Armor” will add you a survivability. In this case, we advise you to skip the “Glass Cannon” perk to avoid problems with health. Focus on the “High Intelligence” perk and get level from the spheres of experience.

3. Prophet Mantle is great for an aggressive playstyle. From the start of the match, you are ready to rush into the battle: increased movement speed, decreased incoming damage and 10% chance to stun the enemy when hitting you is the best starter kit. The armor synergizes well with the Hand of the Order staff, due to legendary item’s modifications. “Frost Nova” and “Lightning Sentinel”, chance to stun with attacks and push-backs, will not allow the enemy to get close to you. If this happens, the enemy can be stunned upon hitting you. Great defensive mechanics, isn’t it?


  1. Meteorite Armor is an incredibly strong item. This armor guarantees you a high survival rate, despite the fact that the Warrior is already tenacious. Since we have no problem with survivability, let’s focus on gaining damage. The best choice will be the Crusher sword, due to the legendary modification of the weapon and 10% increased damage. Seven Winds is good for early aggression, but it doesn’t give us damage, only a chance of a critical hit and a chance for a double strike. Such combination of items will be great with perks on damage, critical strike, and “Combo”. We don’t need survival perks, at level 5 we choose the “Double Strike” perk.

2. Armor of Guardian — armor for early aggression based on leveling up by killing opponents. This Item gives us a great increase in movement speed, so we pair it with Seven Winds, which guarantees high damage to an unprepared low-level opponent at the beginning of the match. As we have already said, this build is very strong at early game, but then you may have problems with damage. So you should aim at gaining damage from perks, ring and amulet. 20% reduction of stun effect will be a good bonus in combat versus a Mage, Ranger, Warrior and Barbarian. At level 5, it is better to choose Legendary perk “Double Strike” to compensate for the lack of damage.

3. Dragon Chainmail — this armor is the best choice for fans of gaining health from items and perks. In addition to the armor, you can choose either Seven Winds to increase attack speed and have a chance to strike the enemy twice, or Crusher to set the ”ignite” effect on the enemy due to the legendary weapon modification. Increased health will boost your survivability. This type of build is focused on dealing stacking damage to the enemy, so survival perks are mandatory: “Field Medic” and “Sturdy Armor”. At level 5, choose according to the situation: “Stronghold” if there is not enough survivability, “Double strike” if there is a strong opponent and you feel a lack of damage.


  1. Black Wolf Cloak is a good starting armor for Barbarian. Starting — means it is good for players at low rating. Evasion chance will provide you a basic defense from enemy attacks, and the movement speed bonus will allow you to get away from the enemy that was too tough for you. In such combination, we recommend limiting ourselves with survival perks: “Heavy Hand” and “Battle Hardening”, as well as standard perks for increasing health. Since the armor does not increase our damage, Separator or Executor weapons will be the best choice.

2. Falaran Chest Armor is the armor of a real berserker, perfectly combined with the Executor weapon and with the desire to run into a crowd of opponents and kill everyone around, gaining an increase in health due to the legendary modification. Health bonus and reduction of the incoming damage will ensure our survivability. In this build, damage is gained from weapons (10%), from perks: “Bloodlust”, “Heavy Hand” and Legendary perk “Madness”. You really become a scary opponent with a huge survival rate and damage.

3. Spirit of Rage — the armor is good in general, the chance of a critical hit and additional attack speed allow you to hit enemies more often, but if you combine it with the Northerner Hammer weapon, which has the same two modifications and in addition a chance to stun the enemy when dealing a critical hit — you become a “walking critical damage” with control on the enemy.

We compensate for the lack of survivability with the “Bloodlust” perk (completely neutralizes the loss of health when dealing a critical hit) and “Battle hardening”. At level 5” choose Legendary perk “Madness”.



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