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3 min readSep 2, 2022

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In our latest update we added new mechanics to the metaverse — energy and tiredness. It is intended to add a new token utility and ensure the stability of the in-game economy.


Each hero has an energy supply. To enter the battle, the hero should spend 6 energy points.

If the hero runs out of energy, the player should wait until it recovers, or change the hero. It should also be noted that if you play with the staked hero, his energy recovery rate will be reduced by 50%.


Each hero gets tired after several battles or a long mining.

As tiredness increases, the hero’s main characteristics — Max Energy, Health Point, Damage, Mining Power — will gradually decrease with each new unit of Tiredness.

It will reach 0 when tiredness reaches 100.

To relieve tiredness, use Axes Metaverse Potion (AMP). It can be grinded by killing players (PVP) or purchased on the marketplace.

Each time a player character is killed, potion is dropped with a certain probability.

Each Axes Metaverse Potion removes 5 units of hero tiredness.

Every 100 units of tiredness the hero gets older and becomes less susceptible to the effect of potion. It will need more potions to relieve the same amount of tiredness. If the hero has tiredness units, then the maximum energy percentage decreases.

Off-chain potions can be converted into NFTs and hence be listed on the marketplace. To do that:

  1. Find your potions grinded by killing players in the Inventory

2. Press “claim” and confirm the transaction in the dialogue window.

3. You can list converted potions as NFTs on the marketplace and sell them for tokens to other players who may need energy recovery.

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