Axes Metaverse Expands to Turkey and Partners with the Local V99Z Team

We are thrilled to announce one more key Axes Metaverse’s partner — a community-supported and cryptocurrency- focused group V99Z. The V99Z team tries to share useful content for the Turkish crypto community, listens to the voices of its own community members, and introduces the projects that V99Z invests or can do to the Turkish community as soon as possible.

Its key mission is to find ambitious, long-term and high value-added projects, and provide the Turkish community with easy and understandable access to them. V99Z provides consultancy, as well as all kinds of assistance related to the Turkish market like management of Turkish channels as V99Z does with Axes Metaverse.

V99Z believes that the GameFi trend has not reached saturation yet and promises a lot in the future. In this sense, Axes Metaverse might be one of the best, both as a project and with its power in the background. However, the bear market has partially ruined the hype train but it is still on its way.

“As you know, we are currently in a stagnant period known as the bear market. And we’re having a hard time finding projects that shine in this hazy environment. However, the Axes Metaverse project, which we met in the pre-bear season, still makes us dream of an exciting future. Axes, this was one of the partnerships we agreed with all”, — the V99Z comments on the current market conjuncture.

Notably, V99Z stands for anonymity as one of the crypto guidelines implies. Its team consists of 11 professionals in the community management and cryptocurrency. V99Z moves forward with an understanding and endless trust that cares about each other’s ideas and is not forced or pressured. And that is admirable.

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