Axes Metaverse: FAQ to GAO #1 [Public Sale]

Since Axes Metaverse is holding its first GAO, we understand that you have a lot of questions. In this small Q&A, we will try to sort out for you both the simplest and more advanced ones.

General Information

The Sale will be launched on our marketplace at

When will it be launched?

On December, 19, 2021, at TBD (UTC)

What will be offered?

During the first GAO, we offer Genesis Human NFT Chests. Every chest contains 4 heroes of random class and rarity. Read more:

What is the price?

The chest costs 250 BUSD.

What is the supply?

2000 chests were allocated to the Public Sale participants.

Are there any limits on purchasing?

Yes. Only the Whitelisted users can purchase chests, 1 per transaction, and up to 10 chests per each.

What is the smart contract address?

Preparation to GAO

Your wallet address has to be Whitelisted. The finalized list can be found here:

What are technical requirements to participate?

All you should do is:

  • Connect your Metamask wallet to Binance Smart Chain and hence our marketplace
  • Use PC browsers (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox only). Mobile devices are not supported.

Read the guide carefully:

What currencies do I need to buy chests?

You will need BUSD and BNB to pay for chests and gas fee, respectively.

BUSD: 250$ minimum to buy 1 chest

BNB: gas fee depends on network load and it is hard to predict. It may stay stable or rocket when huge sale events occur so try to get BNB with a margin

IMPORTANT: you’ll be unable to send any transaction to the BSC network without BNB in your wallet!

How should I connect Metamask to Binance Smart Chain?

Switch to Binance Smart Chain (Binance) network in the list of networks:

1. Select Settings from the dropdown menu.

2. Select “Networks” and press “Add a network” in the top-right corner.

3. Type in the following information about Binance Smart Chain:

Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

4. Add BUSD to your account:
1) Go to “Assets” and click “Import Token”.
2) Fill in the information. In the “Token Contract Address” section, enter the address of the BUSD token smart contract in the Binance Smart Chain: 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56
3) Click “Add Custom Token”.

GAO Participation

Stay tuned on social media and When the countdown timer goes to zero, a button on the “Chest sale” page becomes active.

I see the “Can’t buy item” error. What should I do?

This error means that the address you connected to Marketplace is not whitelisted. Check the address connected, check if it is contained in the whitelist for the current GAO stage and if it is, please contact our support team.

What does the “Approve and Buy” button do?

Before you are able to buy, you need to allow your Metamask wallet to buy AMC tokens. This is done via a separate transaction which is initiated by clicking the “Approve and Buy” button.

When this transaction is mined, you’ll be able to buy chests and the button name will be changed to “Buy”.

I clicked “Buy” and confirmed it on Metamask. Where do I see the status of my transaction?

Go to the “Activity” Tab in Metamask. You will find all info there/

My transaction has not been confirmed for a long time. What should I do?

This may happen when the network is overloaded, or you have set up too low gas for the transaction.

1. You can speed up the transaction by Activity –> choose a transaction –> click speed up –> increase gas price and limit

2. You can cancel it and resend with a higher gas.

My transaction is mined, but I can’t find my chest in inventory

Don’t worry, our backend has a slight delay when synchronizing with the blockchain. Your chests will appear in inventory within 5–10 minutes

To check, that you own them:

1. Go to page

2. Click Search icon

3. Enter your address

4. Check how many items you own

Can I buy more than 10 chests with a single wallet?

No, you can’t. Sorry.

1. Even if you send 100 transactions, 90 of them will fail, so you will just spend gas

2. Also, if the 2000 chests available on Public sale are bought out, all the consequent “Buy” transactions will be failed.

So, count how much you have already bought.

If you still have some questions, contact our support team Good luck, dear travelers!



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