Axes Metaverse Partners with HODL Finance in Anticipation of the IDO

Axes Metaverse is proud to announce the Venture Capital partnership with HODL Finance, an ecosystem that fuels innovative blockchain projects by providing funding, advice and expertise.

About HODL Finance

HODL Finance is an ecosystem designed to keep fueling innovative projects. Providing funding, community and expertise, for a range of forward-thinking ideas.

The team members behind the project are our true co-thinkers. We all believe that Big Tech shouldn’t define our future; creators and communities should. What makes us unique is the power of our community, who get to vote on which projects we go forward with in terms of collaboration and the benefits with these projects are shared with the community who hold our tokens. HODL Finance puts the power where it belongs by using decentralized networks that are transparent in every aspect.

Although the company was set up publicly last year when it launched the website and the token, and released Whitepaper, it has already partnered and incubated several De-Fi, Metaverse and NFT projects, with $375 000 of total value locked.

Moreover, it has built a highly experienced team with diverse international backgrounds stretching from South America to India, and years of experience in the crypto space. HODL Finance’s CEO, Nick Friedrich, has been in this space for 10 years dabbling in virtual reality, understanding the fundamentals of blockchain, and is a successful fund manager of our cryptocurrency investment fund.

And that is what he expects of the partnership with Axes Metaverse:

“The partnership with Axes Metaverse is significant for the p2e space, with Axes Metaverse combining a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace, a unique gaming experience with multiple genres and a vibrant metaverse, the possibilities are endless and profound with their innovative in-game economy”

Read more about our partner:



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