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The third and the final part of our extensive manual about equipment in Axes Metaverse.

Rings and amulets are support equipment. The choice of items should be based on filling in gaps in your item build or on utilities that it offers.

Shadow Amulet is a standard protective choice of amulet. Increased movement speed after receiving a hit and 15% of dodge rate will increase your survivability. It is perfect for beginners and players with a low rank. It is worth choosing this amulet if you have enough damage on the character, but not enough survival rate. It goes well with any health modifier.

Green Heart is the perfect amulet for Warrior and Barbarian, due to the legendary modification: more health = more chance to dodge enemy attacks. It goes well with any items and perks which increase health. Also, it can be used on a Mage if combined with the “High Intelligence” perk. If you have Skin of the Cursed armor and you like to play on Rogue, then its legendary modification perfectly harmonizes with this amulet as a defensive variant.

Necklace of Ashes — this amulet is versatile and suitable for every class. But to a greater extent, this amulet perfectly synergizes with Warrior and Barbarian.

Warrior and Barbarian are two melee heroes, which already reveals our legendary modification quite well, due to the receiving more attacks from the enemy, unlike ranged heroes. In addition, the movement speed and damage buffs are always useful. Movement speed buff will give us the opportunity to get to the ranged enemy faster, even despite the pushback mechanics.

In the case with Warrior, a great addition to the amulet will be the Seven Winds sword due to the additional attack speed buff, which will allow us to hit the enemy more often. There may be some difficulties with the choice of armor, since all options are good, but each one fits its own situation. If you think that you need a bit of survivability rate, then Meteorite Armor is your choice. If you want to have more damage and attack speed, then choose Dragon Chainmail. If we sum up all the bonuses, you will get +15% of the base attack speed permanently, and 55% temporarily when you take damage.

If we talk about the Barbarian, then the Northerner Hammer weapon will give us more chances to deal critical hits and control the enemy, along with an increased attack speed. With armor the situation is similar as with Warrior. Spirit of Rage — if you want to become a killing machine, and the Falaran Chest Armor — to increase the survivability rate of your hero.

Black Fire Amulet is a good choice, but not for all classes. On the one hand, fire damage is perfect for any hero, but if this class initially cannot apply DOT damage to the enemy, then there are better variants of amulets.

This amulet guarantees us a 100% chance of setting the enemy on fire with a critical strike. In addition, there is a 25% chance to ignite the enemy by normal attacks. These modifiers stack with each other, and cause double damage. Ignite modifier is perfectly combined with Mage and Warrior.

Mage has “Ignition” and “Glass Cannon”, which perfectly synergize with this amulet.

Warrior has a slightly different situation, we will use items instead of perks. For example, Dragon Chainmail armor and Seven Winds weapon. Increased attack speed = we hit the enemy more often and have a greater chance of igniting him; additional critical damage; increased health and finally, a chance to ignite.

Perfect addition to these builds will be perks that increase critical hit chance and its damage to buff the chance of turning the enemy into fire.

In addition, no one prevents you from wearing this amulet on other heroes as an additional boost to the damage.

Deka’s Embrace is a versatile protective ring. This ring looks good on any class: health increase and chance to restore health on hit are a good combination of survival modifications.

It looks best on a Barbarian to compensate for the loss of health due to perk “Madness” or Spirit of Rage armor. This ring perfectly synergizes with attack speed perks: the more attacks you make, the more health you restore.

Ring of Chaos — this item is the best damage ring in the game. 5% chance of critical hit, 20% critical damage and an additional 5% for each kill. The ring is perfect for every hero, as it greatly enhances his attacks and skills. But there are several classes to which this ring is mandatory:

Ranger — due to the “Sniper” perk and a large number of critical modifiers from items, Ring of Chaos will be a great addition. For the armor slot, we choose Camouflage of the Tarnished, and Boltcutter for weapon. As a result, we get a fairly diverse hero with: stun from critical attacks, health recovery from critical attacks and a high chance of a critical hit.

Rogue — critical strike modifiers are no less important to this hero because of his passive skill “Master of Daggers” and ability “Quick Stab”. For example, the dagger Ghost Tiger Fang and armor Veil of Shadows will be an excellent choice for the ring. This way we will get: recovery of health from critical hits, an additional chance of critical hit and its damage increase.

For the rest of the heroes, this ring is also a good choice.

Signet of the Order is a good attacking ring. It is perfect for any class, but it best synergizes with a Mage. The reason for this is the Mage’s “Glass Cannon” perk, which reduces our health. That obviously increases our damage due to the Legendary ring modification. In order for the ring to be almost as effective on other classes, we recommend getting rid of items that increase health, and focus on damage. Of course, this is quite a risky move, but we will get a big increase in damage.

Seven Winds Ring is a versatile addition to attacking items. It is perfect for Rogue, Ranger and Mage. Attack speed is an excellent base damage multiplier, reduced stun time will give us a bit of survivability against a Barbarian, Ranger and Warrior, and skills cooldown guarantees additional mobility and damage.

Ring of Reflection — this ring is a protective option. Perfectly combined with the Elves race and any item that increases evasion.

Choose hero with Elf race -> put on items with evasion rate -> dodge and replenish health -> win!

In addition, the ring perfectly synergizes with amulets Shadow Talisman and Green Heart. In the second case, if possible, try to get health increase from items and perks.

Cultist’s Amulet — this amulet is perfect for the Ring of Chaos ring, as it increases critical modifiers and replenishes health when dealing a critical hit.

It is a good addition to the Ranger and Rogue, as in the case with the ring. If we talk about the Ranger, the legendary modification will allow you to replace the Camouflage of the Tarnished armor.



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