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Let’s start with Ranger

Ranger is a fast and agile class. He uses a ranged weapon and is able to kill opponents at a distance and keep them away from him. His ability “Trap” helps Ranger to avoid melee skirmishes, where he is much weaker. That’s why Ranger’s weapons grant him not only damage, but additional survivability.

  1. Bow of Leemas is perfect for players who have at their disposal Camouflage of the Tarnished armor, which will perfectly complement the weapon with protective modifications, in the form of increasing health and replenishing it, due to a critical strike. A ring, an amulet and perks with a critical strike chance modifier are our choice. This bow fits perfectly into the fast and aggressive gameplay, due to the high base damage and damage buffs at the epic rarity level. High damage, increased attack speed and accelerated skill recharge are a great modification option for a Ranger.

2. Boltcutter is the best choice If you prefer a slow and careful playstyle, based on leveling your hero first, then dominating the match. This bow works especially well with attack speed perks and any kind of critical damage modifiers. In addition, the buff obtained at the Legendary rarity level will allow you to restrain the enemy and keep him away from you or become elusive, due to the “Trap” skill and stun effect at critical damage.

3. Teria Spike is perfect for players who prefer careful and slow playstyle. Similar to Boltcutter, the bow reveals itself to the fullest, after leveling up the character and learning critical damage perks. More crits = more chance to poison an opponent = more damage. Perfectly combined with other DOT multipliers items.


Rogue can be rightfully called the most elusive hero in the game, due to his passive and active skills for movement speed and invisibility. This class is great for people who prefer to hide and wait for the low HP enemy and attack him from behind when he is not expecting.

  1. Ghost Tiger Fang is the best weapon for Rogue.
  • Increased chance and damage of critical hits
  • High survivability rate due to lifesteal from critical hits.

All these parameters are ideal for Rogue. Especially, If they are combined with critical strike and movement speed perks.

2. Trefoil — is great for a Rogue with an Elf race because of the passive evasion ability. In addition, it has a good increase of damage and attack speed. If you combine this armor with a Reflection Ring and Shadow Talisman, you can reach an incredible attack speed level. The best choice of perks will be modifiers of critical chance and its damage.

3. Silent Death — this blade has several combinations with different perks.

  • Playing with “Poison” perk and the “Poison Master” Legendary perk. Poison damage from perk and from the weapon is stacking, so the enemy receives a huge amount of damage over time. You can easily bring the enemy to a low health with the poison, and due to invisibility, slowing and “Execution” perk, easily finish him off. This gameplay is suitable for players who like to kite opponents and deal damage from afar, without getting into the field of view.
  • Ignore the “Poison” perk and choose critical strikes modifiers instead, since the weapon has a chance to poison. This playstyle is perfect for playing with Legendary perk “Assassin”. You can focus on getting critical damage modifiers from other items and perks and guarantee yourself huge damage from critical hits. Perfect for an aggressive playstyle.


Currently mage is the best ranged class in the game. Smart choices of perks along with new push-back mechanics became almost invulnerable, simultaneously dealing huge amount of damage.

  1. Soul Killer — a good choice for players who focus on early aggression and immediately, after appearing, run into battle. As many as two critical damage modifiers allow you to deal a lot of damage to an unprepared opponent. In addition, the staff restores health from critical hits, so there should be no problems with survivability. Also, Soul Killer shows itself well in a slower playstyle. For example, along with “Glass Cannon” perk and any damage or critical hits modifiers.

2. Prime Elemental Staff is an excellent “battle” version of the weapon. Perfect for fans of early aggression. High attack speed and increased damage will allow you to focus on choosing attack modifiers perks and skip any utility or defensive perks in order to focus on the huge damage from attacks. Choosing the Battlemage Tunic armor, we get the opportunity to deal double damage. In this type of build, using abilities is not necessary, just keep attacking your target.

3. Hand Of The Order — similar to the previous weapon, it is suitable for players who like to kite opponents. Slowing, stun, push-back, Legendary perk “Freezing” and “Frost Nova” perfectly synergize with each other to create a real kite machine. Great for players with small-level heroes and gives them more survivability, at the expense of control.


Warrior is rightfully called a “tank” among all classes in the game. In addition to a high survival rate, he has the ability to inflict a lot of damage due to the correct choice of perks and equipment selection, which makes him a fairly simple but strong hero.

  1. Crusher — opens up the possibility for two playstyles:
  • Ignore the “Combo” perk and focus on other, useful defense modifiers.

This playstyle is for aggressive tactics, with gaining experience for killing opponents. Also, it is compatible with passive playstyle, with upgrading perks before meeting an enemy. This will boost your survival rate, then we will compensate for the damage with Legendary “same target attacks” modifier.

  • The second option is to mix “Combo” perk with a buff for “same target attacks” and Legendary “Double Strike” perk. Together, these modifiers work perfectly. Here you can focus on choosing damage perks, but sometimes there may be a lack of survivability. Epic and Legendary modifiers gives a good opportunity to immobilize the enemy and inflict a series of attacks.

2. Seven Winds is a great choice for players who prefer to immediately run into battle after spawning. We have an analogue of the Legendary perk “Double Strike” at the beginning of the match. In addition, the weapon modifier and Legendary perk are stacking. Choosing “Combo“ perk, survivability due to Meteorite armor and several levels of the ”Strong Armor” perk, guarantee you a victory in the match.

3. Valoran Defender is a defensive weapon, so to speak. It is worth choosing if your other items have attack modifiers, otherwise you will face a lack of damage. Yes, 10% damage from max health is good, but still not enough. Additional health and block chance, perfectly synergize together with the “Strong Armor” perk.


Barbarian lives up to his name: a wild and reckless slasher, capable of surviving deadly blows and causing a lot of damage due to this. In the right hands, this class becomes the best melee hero. And if you combine all this with the right choice of perks and items, then it’s completely unbeatable.

  1. Separator — perfect for playing against agile opponents. Slight increase of damage and its gradual increase after killing, guarantees you the opportunity to defeat several opponents in a row. Restoring health from the “Bloodlust” perk and additional AOE damage from the “Thunder Axe” Legendary perk will be the best choice for this weapon.

Besides that, it is worth trying the standard playstyle through the perk “Battle Hardening“ and ”Heavy Hand”.

2. Northerner Hammer perfectly fits fans of fast and aggressive playstyle. The hammer initially has a 10% chance of a critical hit and an increased attack speed. Choosing a few perks for a critical hit and combining it with a charged attack, guarantees long-term control over the enemy. When the enemy` is stunned, he can’t hit you, but you can, dealing critical strikes over the enemy.

3. Executor — is for brave players that prefer to brawl versus multiple enemies. Epic and Legendary modifications makes you invulnerable in melee fight due to the high level of lifesteal, especially, If you combine this weapon with “Bloodlust” perk. Also, this weapon grants you a 10% damage increase that boosts your epic modification in percent.

Thanks for reading, we hope that guide was useful and informative for you. The next chapter about armor will be available next week. Good luck!





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