Azur Games-Based Axes Metaverse Completes $600k Token Sale Seed Round

Axes Metaverse
3 min readApr 12, 2022


Axes Metaverse has completed its seed round of the token sale, raising $600 000 worth of BUSD. The funding round received support from a number of investors, including the Infinity Ventures Crypto, ABX, and the Merit Circle venture fund, as well as one of the largest gaming guilds of Asia — YGG SEA.


YGG SEA, the first subDAO of Yield Guild Games, is a decentralized autonomous organization for acquiring and managing NFTs used in the metaverse. Its mission is to create the biggest and most sustainable play-to-earn virtual economy in Southeast Asia. YGG SEA is a founding member of the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance.

“We both at Axes Metaverse and YGG SEA pursue the same goals of building the biggest and most sustainable play-to-earn virtual economy in Southeast Asia and the whole world. We also believe the cooperation with such a strong P2E-oriented and like-minded community will help us build a robust guild economy and make our Metaverse a sustainable place to earn and play”, — Andrew Abramov, the CPO at Axes Metaverse, says.

Infinity Ventures Crypto

Infinity Ventures Crypto was founded to empower and invest in pioneering GameFi, DeFi and Web 3 startups. The fund’s partners have invested in crypto assets since 2015 and have guided companies through a rapidly-evolving landscape. Since August 2021, IVC has made numerous strategic investments into a diverse range of startups including the above-noted YGG, Axes Metaverse, etc.

Merit Circle

Merit Circle is creating a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that develops opportunities to earn through play for people who want to help build the metaverse. It does this via the platform, which hosts scholarship opportunities, educational opportunities and everything a person could need on their journey towards being an earning gamer in the metaverse.

‘’We are incredibly excited to introduce our gamers to Axes Metaverse and have acquired both tokens and NFTs to support their journey! It’s nice to see the team is building out different game modes (action, tactics & strategy), to be able to offer a fun experience for different types of gamers’’

Merit Circle is managing gamers from Asia, Africa, Europe, South-America daily earnings rewards through playing various games. Recently its number has surpassed 3750.

ABX Venture

ABX is a relatively new venture, with new perspectives and investing vision that will definitely help Axes Metaverse stand out in 2022.

With the 4+ years experience of crypto investing, the ABX Venture team will maintain our growth and matureness in the NFT market.

The successful completion of Axes Metaverse token sale seed round has become a logical conclusion of three Game Asset Offering that had been conducted so far and contributed to raising $4 mln worth of authentic Axes Metaverse NFT Chests.

Closed game test is coming soon. Stay tuned to our Medium for that!



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