Captain Irwig

Irwig always dreamed of becoming a warrior when he was a child, which is extremely atypical for Elves. Refined and sublime, with that very touch of snobbery that is so often attributed to them, the inhabitants of Lorothen are extremely reluctant to embark on the hardships of a military craft: endless workouts, heavy physical exertion, the indelible smell of sweat from everywhere. But most importantly, for an Elf, especially for a high-class one, subordination and the execution of orders from anyone other than the Reverends or their closest advisers are completely inconceivable.

This is partly why Irwig met with such resistance in his family, because his mother was on the Council, and his sister served in the Order. However, the anger and pain at the loss of his father, who tragically died during the uprising in Avalar almost 150 years ago, made young Irwig as adamant as he was uncompromising. His last day in his father’s house before leaving for the service, filled with sharp reproaches, tears, and even threats, the captain of the guards tries never to remember.

The turning point in Irwig’s service started 15 years ago. The Order was openly dissatisfied with the Council’s choice to raise Larra to Reverend, but no one could have imagined that the sorcerers would move from words to deeds. Kilian, a member of the Order, a powerful mage, began to plot against the chosen Reverend, the purpose of which, ultimately, was to kill Larra. Irwig managed to uncover Kilian’s plot and send almost all of his accomplices to the Supreme Court. As for the final battle between Irwig and Kilian, then it is best to refer to the records of historians who described these events:

“That battle took place in the Inner Court, right in the field of moon tulips. The two slowly walked in a semicircle, opposite each other, as if in an intricate dance. As sharp as a lightning strike, Kilian sent several fireballs at his opponent. Irwig dodged all but the last one, deflecting him with his shield. A bunch of energy flew off into the ground. It smelled like burnt grass”

- Kilian, do you know how many centuries it took to grow these tulips?

“I’ll be happy to know the answer as soon as I turn you into fertilizer!

Flashes flew on more intricate trajectories. Irwig had to reflect the discharges with both a shield and a sword. It was evident that he was beginning to lose balance and rhythm.

- You and your “Reverend” — yes, all of you! You are good for worm’s food, and that’s all!

Discharges from the hands were added to the fireballs. Irwig could barely keep up with the mage’s attacks. A fleeting glance around did not give anything — there was nowhere to retreat or at least hide from Kilian’s attacks. The field of flowers seemed to have no end.

“You should have listened to the Order when you had the chance. We did not immediately approve of Larra. Make her a Reverend — when she is not even a pureblood! Oh heavens, our great Ancestors would see you!

Irwig dropped to one knee and breathed heavily. Almost nothing remains of the shield. The armor burned like hot coal.

- Do you know what the biggest irony is? That when all this is over, the people will know the “truth” — it’s you who were behind it all. You were behind the plot against Larra, which you carried out without noise and dust, after which your accomplices killed you. Right here in the middle of these flowers. It’s even romantic! Hey, do you have nothing to say?

Irwig didn’t say anything as something incredible happened next. Having nothing to do with the Order, with no magical power, Irwig somehow managed to focus colossal energy and throw it out with a swing of the sword. The resulting wave flew out so quickly and unexpectedly that Kilian did not even have time to defend himself.

- no… It’s impossible!

The conspirator, cut in half, staggered, drowned in tulips. The sun rose to its zenith.

After the events described above, Irwig was promoted to captain of the guards — an elite corps of warriors whose task is to directly protect the Reverend and the members of the Council. When the news of the Mixing of the Orbs reached Avalar, with the blessing of Larra, Irwig left his post and went in search of the Shards — in the name of the Reverend and all the inhabitants of Lorothen.



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The official Medium of AXES Metaverse, the 1st #Play2Earn game by Azur Games 👾Our Discord server👾