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3 min readMar 9, 2022


Dear travelers! We have released the finalized version of Axes Metaverse Marketplace, so we would like to update the guide for your convenience.

Launch time: March 9, 2022, 15:00 (UTC)

To register with platform and start trade, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Make sure you have a MetaMask wallet address. If you don’t have one, read our guide on how to sign up for a new MetaMask wallet.

Step 2. Be sure you have switched the network to Smart Chain (BSC).

Step 3. Go to Axes Metaverse Marketplace at

Connect your MetaMask wallet to the marketplace. Be sure if you have enough BNB on your balance for paying gas fee (depends on the network load) There’s also a marketplace fee (5%) on the placement of the sale advertisement which will be deducted from the sale price.

Step 4. Explore the platform.

You will find chests purchased in your Inventory.

Click on your chest. Here you can see the chest description and the [List to market] button.

Set the sale price and press [Confirm]. Confirm the procedure in the MetaMask dialogue window.

Wait until the dialogue window closes (It may take up to 1–2 min due to the testnet speed).

Step 7. Go to the [Marketplace] section.

Here you will see all the chests offered by other users in the [Buy] section and the chest in the [Sell] section (will be renamed to [Listed]) listed by you.

Here you also can sort the order book by time relevance and price. If the offer is too wide, you can manually specify the price range.

Additionally, the transaction history is also available for you. Click the following time icon to open the subsection.

We believe everyone of you can make our metaverse a better place to play and earn. So now, let’s go trading!

If you stumbled on some troubles or concerns related to trading on the marketplace, feel free to contact our support team at or on social media:

Telegram (eng):
Telegram (ru):

*The currency specified in the screenshots is a test token. When the marketplace is launched, it will be changed to BUSD.



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