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We at Axes Metaverse are proud to announce the 1st Gaming Asset Offering (GAO). During the first stage, we are going to offer authentic Genesis Human Hero Chests.

Genesis Human Hero Chest Details:

Blockchain — Binance smart chain

Symbol — AMC

Price — 250 BUSD

Total supply — 4500

2000 — Presale for partners, guilds, etc

2000 — Public GAO

500 — Marketing & community reserve

About Human Characters

The kingdom of Valoran is completely unable to keep these restless people within its borders. Driven by a thirst for adventure, people now and then find themselves in the most unexpected corners of the world, often surviving where they clearly should not appear surviving.

Human features

  1. Thirst for adventure; humans cannot sit idle for a long time and have a bonus to restoration of energy.
  2. Adaptability: humans adapt well to any environment, which allows them receive reduced damage from dangerous zones in arenas.

This magic chest contains four NFTs of Axes Hunters. Hunters from the Kingdom of Valoran are eager to join your collection. Don’t miss your chance to grab them. This is a limited time offer. They are divided into 5 classes: barbarian, mage, knight, ranger, rogue, and 4 types of rarity: common, rare, epic, legendary

Each chest contains 4 chars of random class and rarity of following probability:

Common — 69%

Rare — 25%

Epic — 5%

Legendary — 1%

The Axes Metaverse GAO is coming in mid December, 2021. To purchase the chests, you will need 2 cryptocurrencies: BUSD and BNB.

Step 1. Download the MetaMask extension to the browser. Choose “Create wallet”.

The registration process is simple:

  1. Create your password

2. Accept the Terms of Use.

3. Unblur seed phrase. Be extremely careful and save all the seed phrases in the reliable storage or carrier (preferably not on an Internet-connected device).

4. Type in every word in the correct order.

5. Confirm the connection of the new wallet to Axes Market.

6. Done!

Keep in mind that MetaMask can only be downloaded on Chrome and Firefox.

Step 2. OK! You have your brand new Metamask Wallet! Now switch to Binance Smart Chain (Binance) network in the list of networks:

  1. Select Settings from the dropdown menu.

2. Select “Networks” and press “Add a network” in the top-right corner.

3. Type in the following information about Binance Smart Chain:

Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

4. Add BUSD to your account:
1) Go to “Assets” and click “Import Token”.
2) Fill in the information. In the “Token Contract Address” section, enter the address of the BUSD token smart contract in the Binance Smart Chain:
Click “Add Custom Token”.

Step 3. Be sure that you have sufficient amount of BUSD and BNB to buy the chest:
the chest costs 250 BUSD;
- to participate in the GAO, you will also need BNB for paying gas for minting;
- if there’s a minting race (because of high demand), you may need more BNB to pay for gas.

Step 4. Click the Connect Wallet button at again. You will be automatically connected!

Step 5. Scroll down the landing page and click “Explore”. Then you will see the number of chests available. Click “Buy”.

Step 6. Confirm the transaction in the dialogue window. Important: purchased chests can be found in the inventory of your profile. The chest will not appear immediately — it takes time for the transaction to proceed a number of confirmation steps (mined in blockchain and processed on our backend).

Nice! You have just bought your first Axes Metaverse NFT Chest. Keep going! If you still had some troubles during the purchase, feel free to contact our admins:

Telegram (ENG):



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