How to Take Part in the Binance Mystery Drop with Openable Binance-Themed Heroes

We at Axes Metaverse are thrilled to announce a new long-awaited tier-1 partnership with Binance NFT Marketplace, as well as the drop of Mystery boxes with NFT hero of the Binance-themed skin!

Drop details
Mar 11 11:00 UTC — Mar 11 23:00 UTC
Race: Humans
Quantity: 1950
Price: 100 BUSD
Heroes in the chest: 1

Drop will be available here. Chest can be opened after the purchase!

This guide explains you how to purchase the Mystery Box during the drop:

Step 1. Register with Binance and verify your account. If you haven’t done this yet, please follow the guide.

Step 2. Top up your BUSD wallet. Chests are priced at 100 BUSD.

Step 3. Go to the Axes Metaverse landing on the Binance NFT Marketplace.

Wait until the drop starts and click [Buy] near the chest. Each user can buy no more than 10 boxes.

Step 4. You can either hodl the chest or OPEN it. Drop availability is the following:

N — 15.00%

R — 4.75%

SR — 0.20%

SSR — 0.05%

Read more about the drop terms in our article on Medium.


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Telegram (ru):





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