Starting today, the Axes Metaverse team will describe and explain key terms and features of Web-3 and NFT-related industry. If you are an inveterate Web-3 user, skip it. But if you are new to the industry, read the article, share it with your comrades, and stay tuned for more!

Web 2.0

In simple terms, Web 2.0 is the current version of the internet, while Web 3.0 is its new phase — decentralized, open, and full of new utilities. These are: artificial intelligence, machine learning, connectivity and ubiquity.

Although many people still turn to the Web 2.0 model, we should all remember that our world is an ever-evolving place. Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, that’s why people yearn for greater user-friendliness and sustainability.

The exponential growth of Web 2.0 has been driven by mobile internet access and social networks. User-generated content became the best accelerator of Web 2.0 adoption. Somehow, it all started in 2004 — the year of Google’s IPO and Facebook launch. 18 years have passed, and now it’s time to reconsider the way the Internet should be used.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is more about freedom and decentralization. Key aspects of this iteration of the Internet evolution:

Decentralization. Information could be stored in multiple locations simultaneously thanks to blockchain. No massive databases needed. Data generated by disparate computing resources (smartphones, desktops, etc.) will be accessed by users and can be sold to them through decentralized data networks.

Transparency. Every operation in the Web 3.0 can be witnessed but not modified or changed.

Connectivity and ubiquity. Information and content are more connected and ubiquitous, accessed by multiple applications and with an increasing number of everyday devices connected to the web.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning: Computers will be able to understand information similarly to humans, through technologies based upon Semantic Web concepts and natural language processing.

Web 3.0 gaming

Gaming is one of the industries being revolutionized by Web 3.0. It lays down the foundation of play-to-earn for players and changes the pay-to-play aspect by offering the value-exchange gaming model where players can completely own in-game assets, collectibles or trade them as digital Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with the help of native currency. Just what we at Axes Metaverse offer.

So, despite Web 2.0 gaming, players in Web 3.0 can access and fully own in-game digital assets. Key aspect of web 3.0 is play-to-earn — users can earn profit by simply playing the game (for example, depending on the game mechanics, you can extract, mine, search for or farm tokens in the game and hence generate real income). Your assets can “travel” around Web 3.0and can be moveable and tradeable while previously, they remained inside the game.

Additionally, Web 3.0 has democratized the gaming sector by eliminating central game administrators and owners of gaming platforms.

YOU play — YOU own game assets — YOU generate YOUR income

Web 3.0 metaverses

The metaverse has become one of the key buzzwords of 2022. These are tremendous ecosystems where users can interact, play, communicate and earn — a true virtual universe. As a rule, web 3.0-based metaverse is the collection of games or game modes which intersect through in-game assets (NFTs) or the unified and native token. In our case, these are Axes Hunters and the Axes Metaverse Shard currency, respectively.

Currently, the Axes Metaverse beta test is going on. To join, please read the following guide!

If you think it is still early for you to dive into web 3.0 gaming, stay tuned for our new explanatory articles. Next time we will shed more light on what the in-game NFT is. Good luck and welcome to our decentralized world!



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