Making Way for the Young: Axes Metaverse Partners with NexxtGG to Provide Players from All Over the Globe with an Access to Effective and Lucrative Metaverse

We have recently announced a great number of partnerships with highly respected companies and funds from the p2e sphere. Now it is time for ambitious and locked and loaded players to enter the game.

We at Axes Metaverse are proud to unveil our new partner — the NexxtGG gaming guild. Developed by gamers for gamers, NexxtGG helps, guides and connects gamers from all over the world. They also offer guidance from A to Z to make the crypto space accessible for everyone. You can get help from how-to enter the space until how-to cash out. NexxtGG is a friendly community of like minded players with tips and tricks for all NGG’s partner games.

NGG has an international team, with most team members residing in the Netherlands. It possesses a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, new business, digital marketing, and a shared love for gaming and crypto.

Founded in 2021, it now offers access to unique game assets from 8 games to thousands of players all around the globe, including Axes Metaverse. The guild’s key mission is to help, guide, and connect like-minded people from all corners of the crypto gaming space and improve the industry for everyone. Axes Metaverse becomes a great catalyst of NGG ambition to spread a word about metaverse to the whole world of gaming.

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