The Interview with TryMyGames: Who Are They — the Winners of the Axes Metaverse’s Dev Contest?

Last month Axes Metaverse launched the closed developer contest. Dozens of participants — groups of enthusiasts and professional teams of developers — were competing for the grand prize of 100 000$.

As a result, the TryMyGames company showed the most interesting and well-thought-out gaming mode called Infinite Islands with the unprecedented e2e (explore-to-earn) mechanics. We would like to share key points from our recent interview with the dev group.

What is your business? Describe it. How have you started and ended up being an effective team of developers?

TryMyGames started as a game development studio in 2018. We are a team of 45+ persons very passionate about games. The start was in a small room. 4 people gathered to make games. Success is a result of hard work… and a little bit of luck. We grew. We changed several office spaces, but the main thing remained — the team spirit and family-like relations.

What is unique about your gaming mode? Could you please describe it in generalities? What is the key feature of your gaming mode?

It’s better to say that it’s not about something unique. It’s more about the possibly a good merge of different working mechanics, which will keep players in the game and give new experiences.

It’s all about exploration! New lands to explore, new challenges to face, and building something that is only yours.

For example, one of your goals is to explore the far parts of your Island to find the hidden Caves with chests full of resources and loot. You start at the center of your Island and open new areas using the gathered resources. On your way to the Caves, you will meet monsters, who defend the resources… New biomes — like Forest, Rocky Path, Desert, etc. Every biome will have its NPCs and resources.

The Caves. You find the Cave and eliminate all the NPC defenders to open the access. Inside the Cave, you will find hidden Chests, which will give you extra resources and powerful loot for your Char. These Caves are placed on different parts of the Island, so you need to find them all. You can re-enter the Caves in some time to re-open the Chests.

How have you come up with an idea for Infinite Islands game mode? What was your inspiration?

My Little Universe, FarmLand, and SCUM are the references that gave us examples of nicely done products, so we found the possibility to use different mechanics to create an experience for the players.

What is your roadmap? How much time do you expect to spend on game development? What is going to be the most difficult milestone to cope with during the roadmap?

3–4 months of development so far. The biggest challenge is integrating the mode in a way it will give the AXES Players the feeling that the mode was here for them all the time. No stress — just simple fun!

As of now, TryMyGames is working hard on a new gaming mode. Stay tuned for key updates and first news on the mechanics and Infinite Islands realization on TryMyGames social media:




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