Axes Metaverse
1 min readOct 20, 2022

🌏Axes Metaverse is the first Play-to-Earn project by Azur Games, an international mobile game developer and publisher, based on the company’s successful battle royale project Axes.io. We decided to turn it into a metaverse with various game modes, the first of which is Battle Royale with an emphasis on NFT and blockchain functionality.

🪓The idea of the metaverse implies a united concept and lore, which underlies the entire game world. Our metaverse is centered around Axes Hunters — playable NFT characters, which you will be able to use in other modes. Axes Metaverse offers you passive income in the game through the staking mechanics and the tokenization of in-game items that can be sold on the market for our digital token.

📌Here are the most useful links that will help you understand the basics about Axes Metaverse:

🔸Skills Guide

🔸Perks Guide

🔸Energy & Tiredness Guide

🔸How the Rating System Works

🔸Off-Chain Heroes Guide

🔸Items Guide

🔸On-Chain Heroes Guide

🔸Staking Guide

🔸How to Transfer the NFT Chest to Another Wallet Address

Learn more about how blockchain works in Axes Metaverse here.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask our team and fellow players in the chat.



Axes Metaverse

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