1. Install Metamask wallet extension
  • specify your unique nickname, email and password
  • confirm the action via entering the 6-digit code sent to your email
  • if you don’t see it in the feed, check the spam box
  • go to your Inventory → Profile Settings and click “Bind New Address”
  • confirm the binding in the MetaMask dialogue window
  1. Check you have the basic setup completed (metamask, account, network)
  2. Add Axes test token to MetaMask
  1. Download the latest client of Axes Metaverse: Battleground in the “Download” section at
  2. Login to the game using your account credentials. Choose the wallet that holds your NFTs
  3. Check you see all your heroes in game
  4. Every hero has two new parameters that limit their usage — energy and tiredness. While energy replenishes over time, tiredness has to be removed by farming and using a new type of NFT — potions. Check our guides to learn more — energy system & tiredness
  5. Choose a hero and battle for glory and prizes on the fields of Axes Battleground. The higher position you have in every fight, the more rating you get. Check the leaderboard to see how close you are in a race for the throne
  1. We developed mobile apps for Axes Metaverse. Both Android and iOS versions are available:
  2. New NFT type introduces — potions for restoring energy. New mechanics implemented — energy and tiredness. Read more here.
  3. New arenas added
  4. Added hero inventory and items drop
  5. Off-chain hero rework

Good luck, have fun!



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