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We are thrilled to announce the release of Axes Metaverse Open Beta Test. During the OBT, you will be able to play, summon, and generate income within the first game mode of Axes Metaverse — Axes: Battleground, and battle for a prize pool of $10 000.


Who can participate?

Anyone with a mobile device (both iOS and Android) or PC. Download the game client at or use one of the following QR codes:

Beta test period

05.09 12:00 (UTC+3) –30.09, 12:00 (UTC +3)


07.09–21.09, 09:00 UTC


23.09–30.09, 09:00 UTC


12.10–26.10, 09:00 UTC

Rewards pool

$10,000 worth of BUSD will be divided in 2 Seasons

Rewards distribution

1 PLACE — 1000 BUSD
2 PLACE — 780 BUSD
3 PLACE — 500 BUSD
4 PLACE — 250 BUSD
5 PLACE — 100 BUSD
6–10 PLACES — 50 BUSD
11–100–25 BUSD

Season 3 rewards distribution:

1 PLACE — 200 BUSD
2 PLACE — 130 BUSD
3 PLACE — 100 BUSD
6–10 PLACES — 10 BUSD
11–100–5 BUSD

Before you get started, please read the FAQ carefully.

How to get started (for new members of Axes)

If you follow us for a long time you can skip this section

  1. Install Metamask wallet extension

If you’re completely new to Web3 games, read our guide on how to start the MetaMask wallet. FOLLOW THE GUIDE TO SET UP THE TEST NETWORK.

2. Create account at Go to the “Marketplace” section → Open beta.

  • specify your unique nickname, email and password
  • confirm the action via entering the 6-digit code sent to your email
  • if you don’t see it in the feed, check the spam box

3. Link your wallet to the account created

  • go to your Inventory → Profile Settings and click “Bind New Address”
  • confirm the binding in the MetaMask dialogue window

Open beta participation guide


  1. Check you have the basic setup completed (metamask, account, network)
  2. Add Axes test token to MetaMask

Go to your MetaMask wallet and click [Import tokens].

Type in the token contract address: 0x0886dC84B4263d3A9420B90CB2b185407a4D41e3. Click [Add custom token].

3. Mint Test tokens and check whether the MetaMask balance is updated

To mint tokens, use the following faucets:

tBNB —

tBNB faucet can be used an unlimited number of times to pay fees. The faucet reuse is not considered as abuse and is not penalized.

Test tokens —

1 user = 1 faucet use

4. When beta test starts, you can buy some hero chests on our test website

5. If you all the chests are sold (there will be 1500 chests of each race), you can still get NFT heroes using summon feature

Summoning a hero means you get only 1 hero and you can’t choose a race (Human, Elf or Treant). You pay for 1 random character with a 33.3% chance of each race probability. The rarity chance is equal to chest dropping. Read more about chest drop probability here.

6. To earn more test tokens you can stake some or all of your heroes. Read our staking guide to learn how it works and how it affects your gameplay

Game Client

  1. Download the latest client of Axes Metaverse: Battleground in the “Download” section at
  2. Login to the game using your account credentials. Choose the wallet that holds your NFTs
  3. Check you see all your heroes in game
  4. Every hero has two new parameters that limit their usage — energy and tiredness. While energy replenishes over time, tiredness has to be removed by farming and using a new type of NFT — potions. Check our guides to learn more — energy system & tiredness
  5. Choose a hero and battle for glory and prizes on the fields of Axes Battleground. The higher position you have in every fight, the more rating you get. Check the leaderboard to see how close you are in a race for the throne

What’s new

  1. We developed mobile apps for Axes Metaverse. Both Android and iOS versions are available:
  2. New NFT type introduces — potions for restoring energy. New mechanics implemented — energy and tiredness. Read more here.
  3. New arenas added
  4. Added hero inventory and items drop
  5. Off-chain hero rework

ANTI-CHEAT DISCLAIMER: users abusing the multi accounts will be banned forever. Abusing bugs will also be determined as cheating. If you have found the bug, please contact us or join the Bug Bounty Campaign (to be announced on September 6, 2022).

Good luck, have fun!



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